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About Us

We are a company dedicated to giving promising values and solutions
to ensure your event exceed your expectation.

live Event and Rental Solution at a Glance

We design and execute not only breathtaking events and live performances, but we also offer rentals and installations of Sound Systems, Lighting, Recordings, LED Screens, Video Recordings and Sound Reinforcement Services. We specialize in conferences, exhibitions, concerts, road shows and live events. Whatever the scale of your event, we seek to create solutions that reflect the needs of your business and the unique qualities of your brand, along with the realities of your budget.

Whether the task in hand is staging a product launch designed to echo powerful imagery, or adding visual excitement to a concert, conference, or simply renting  a plasma screen. We will work in partnership with you to make sure we meet your needs beautifully.

Vision Statement: Let Live Event and Rental Solution be your partner in translating your vision into real results. We design and execute not only breathtakingly events. We will help you visualize the Right look

Mission Statement: Interpreting our customer’s desire through our state of the art equipment.

We will work closely with you to understand your event, and will design the event to exceed your expectation. Our team of experienced professionals will help you develop a technology plan and a service presentation. We do a Pre-Event demonstration to ensure our plan is well suited to your desires. Throughout the event,  we will provide technical assistance and production support.


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Passion for Results

We have passion for results for our customers, our audiences and ourselves.

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Resolutely Fearless

We embrace challenge and complexity because we have a sense of adventure and enthusiasm.

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We act with integrity, and take personal responsibility for our actions and results.

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We exceed expectations through competence, collaboration, creativity, and communication.